Dangerous loads

GUBSKA TRANSGRUP also makes transportations of dangerous cargoes using different kinds of rolling stock. GUBSKA TRANSGRUP organizes freight transport of dangerous goods in the European Union, Norway, Switzerland, CIS, Ukraine, Georgia, the Balkans, Asia and America.

As of today, regional and international road cargo transportation as a full as part dangerous cargoes are carried out by GUBSKA TRANSGRUP, taking into consideration the main types of rules and recommendations on the transport of dangerous goods.

Drivers who carry out transportation of dangerous goods have extensive experience and have been trained. They perform all transportation rules, ensuring the implementation of the safe transport of dangerous cargoes of different classes.

Depending on the hazard class of load, cargo transportation is done using of those or other rules of freight and packaging of the goods, the observance of which is a prerequisite for the safe transport of dangerous goods.

There are 9 main classes of dangerous goods:

Class 1 - explosives and objects;
Class 2 - compressed, liquefied and dissolved under the pressure of gas;
Class 3 - flammable liquid;
Class 4.1 - flammable solid substances;
Class 4.2 - spontaneously igniting substances;
Class 4.3 - substances that emit flammable gases in contact with water;
Class 5.1 - oxidizing substances;
Class 5.2 - organic peroxides;
Class 6.1 - toxic substances;
Class 6.2 - animal by-products and infectious substances;
Class 7 - radioactive materials;
Class 8 - corrosive materials;
Class 9 - other dangerous substances.

Specialists of GUBSKA TRANSGRUP have great experience of planning and implementing of transportation of dangerous cargoes for many companies, operating in different industries and in agriculture. Our experts will be glad to answer all your questions in the field of preparingof documents, restrictions and conditions of carriage of dangerous goods.

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